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Survival (2023) comic

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Dark Horse Comics


Sean Lewis


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Bryndon Everett,



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Picture a Fusion of Red Dawn and 30 Days of Night!

Emma Reed's return to her hometown in the Alaskan wilderness was supposed to be a simple family reunion during the annual military alumni gathering. However, the morning took a horrifying turn when a plane unexpectedly crash-landed in the dense woods near the towering mountain. What emerged from the wreckage brought with it an ancient terror, casting a sinister shadow over the last American frontier. This pristine wilderness is on the brink of becoming a merciless killing ground, where survival becomes the ultimate test of resilience. Dark Horse Comics presents 'Survival' in 2023, a thrilling tale by writer Sean Lewis and artist Bryndon Everett.

Survival (2023) 1# chapter
Survival (2023) 1# chapter Survival

Survival (2023) 1#

Visitor: 87

Survival (2023) 2# chapter
Survival (2023) 2# chapter Survival

Survival (2023) 2#

Visitor: 77

Survival (2023) 3# chapter
Survival (2023) 3# chapter Survival

Survival (2023) 3#

Visitor: 66

Survival (2023) 4# chapter
Survival (2023) 4# chapter Survival

Survival (2023) 4#

Visitor: 66

Survival (2023) 5# chapter
Survival (2023) 5# chapter Survival

Survival (2023) 5#

Visitor: 73

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