Data age: 1986

Country: USA

Rating: 4.4

Dark Horse Comics is an American comic book, graphic novel, and manga publisher founded in Milwaukie, Oregon by Mike Richardson in 1986.

Dark Horse Comics has emerged as the fourth largest comic publishing company in the United States of America. Dividing profits with artists and writers, as well as supporting artistic and creative rights in the comic book industry, Dark Horse Comics has become a strong proponent of publishing licensed material that often does not fit into mainstream media. Several titles include: Sin City, Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 300, and Star Wars.

Aliens: Defiance (2016)

Tristan Jones,

Tomb Raider (2016)

Phillip Sevy,

Chimichanga (2016)

Stephanie Buscema,

The Strain (2016)

Edgar Salazar,

Shadows on the Grave (2016)

Richard Corben,

Resident Alien: The Man With No Name (2016)

Steve Parkhouse,

Briggs Land (2016)

Mack Chater,

Black Hammer (2016)

Dean Ormston,

Spell on Wheels (2016)

Megan Levens,

Dept. H (2016)

sharlene kindt,

Aliens: Life And Death (2016)


Dead Inside (2016)

Toni Fejzula,

Ether (2016)

David Rubin,

Harrow County (2015)

Tyler Crook, Owen Gieni,

Overwatch (2016)


Lady Killer (2016)

Joelle Jones,

Conan the Slayer (2016)

Lee Bermejo,

Witchfinder: City of the Dead (2016)

Ben Stenbeck,

Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (2016)

Chris Mooneyham,

World of Tanks (2016)

Carlos Ezquerra,