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"Overwatch: New Blood" is a comic book series based on the popular video game "Overwatch" and written by Ray Fawkes. The series was released in 2021 and features artwork by Irene Koh.

With chaos and devastation rife around the world, Cole Cassidy receives the call to rejoin Overwatch... but memories of its fall still haunt him. After an unexpected reunion with an old friend, Cassidy considers that maybe Overwatch needs more than the old crew to give it new life.

  • Untold stories in the world of Overwatch!
  • Made in close collaboration with the game team at Blizzard!
  • Unveils how popular heroes were recruited to Overwatch!

As the story unfolds, readers are treated to dynamic action sequences and thrilling plot twists. The artwork is colorful and detailed, bringing the characters and their abilities to life on the page. The dialogue is sharp and witty, capturing the banter and camaraderie of the team as they work together to save the day.

In addition to the main storyline, the comic book series also includes several short stories that provide further insight into the characters and their backstories. These stories are a welcome addition, providing additional depth and context to the world of "Overwatch" and its heroes.

Overwatch (2021) 1# chapter
Overwatch (2021) 1# chapter Overwatch

Overwatch (2021) 1#

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Overwatch (2021) 2# chapter
Overwatch (2021) 2# chapter Overwatch

Overwatch (2021) 2#

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Overwatch (2021) 3# chapter
Overwatch (2021) 3# chapter Overwatch

Overwatch (2021) 3#

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Overwatch (2021) 4# chapter
Overwatch (2021) 4# chapter Overwatch

Overwatch (2021) 4#

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Overwatch (2021) 5# chapter
Overwatch (2021) 5# chapter Overwatch

Overwatch (2021) 5#

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