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Marvel's most sophisticated vampire hunter is back, and he's better than ever in a thrilling new series penned by Bryan Hill (known for his work on KILLMONGER) and brought to life by artist Elena Casagrande (famous for her work on BLACK WIDOW). True malevolence has always been patient, lurking in the shadows for centuries. When Blade unwittingly becomes the catalyst for its release, the entire supernatural realm within the Marvel Universe will emerge from the depths of secrecy.

They will demand that Blade rectify his mistake or pay a hefty price for his actions. Prepare for a story filled with blood-soaked battles, high-stakes blackmail, and the iconic Blade. You won't want to miss the explosive debut issue of this new series!

Blade (2023) 1# chapter
Blade (2023) 1# chapter Blade

Blade (2023) 1#

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Blade (2023) 2# chapter
Blade (2023) 2# chapter Blade

Blade (2023) 2#

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Blade (2023) 3# chapter
Blade (2023) 3# chapter Blade

Blade (2023) 3#

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