Wolverine Vs. Blade (2019) comics
Wolverine Vs. Blade (2019) comic

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Marvel Comics


Marc Guggenheim


Dave Wilkins,



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Wolverine Vs. Blade is a series comic book published by Marvel Comics in 2019. The series was written by Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Dave Wilkins.

The story revolves around Wolverine and Blade, two popular Marvel characters with a long history of fighting supernatural threats. In this series, they team up to investigate a mysterious cult that worships a powerful vampire. As they delve deeper into the cult's activities, they discover that the vampire they're up against is unlike any they've faced before.

The series is notable for its action-packed fight scenes and the dynamic between Wolverine and Blade. The two characters have very different fighting styles and personalities, which leads to some interesting clashes and collaborations. The series also explores themes of faith and redemption, as both Wolverine and Blade struggle with their pasts and their beliefs.

The artwork in this comic is stunning, with vivid colors and dynamic panel layouts. The fight scenes are particularly well-executed, with the artists emphasizing the brutal nature of the characters' attacks.

Wolverine Vs. Blade (2019) 1# chapter
Wolverine Vs. Blade (2019) 1# chapter Wolverine Vs. Blade

Wolverine Vs. Blade (2019) 1#

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