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Year Zero is a comic anthology published by AWA Studios in 2020. It features short stories from different creative teams that explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on various aspects of society, such as healthcare, politics, education, and personal relationships.

The comic opens with "The Big Sleep," a story by Benjamin Percy and Ramon Rosanas that follows a doctor struggling to save patients infected with the virus while also dealing with the emotional toll of the pandemic. The story highlights the heroism of healthcare workers and the ethical dilemmas they face in providing care under extreme circumstances.

In "Patient Zero," by Zac Thompson and German Peralta, a man who was the first person to contract the virus in his city becomes a pariah, ostracized by his community and forced to confront his own mortality. The story is a poignant reminder of the stigma that often accompanies illnesses and how it can impact individuals and communities.

Other stories in the anthology focus on the political ramifications of the pandemic, such as "The Essential," by Joe Pruett and Marco Finnegan, which follows a group of essential workers who go on strike to demand better working conditions and hazard pay. "The House Always Wins," by Michael Moreci and Dalibor Talajic, explores the political maneuvering of a mayor trying to balance public safety with economic interests.

The anthology also features stories about the pandemic's impact on education, such as "The New Normal," by Matthew Rosenberg and Juanan Ramirez, which shows how students and teachers adapt to remote learning. "The Last Dance," by Alex Paknadel and Adam Gorham, is a touching story about a father and daughter bonding over dance lessons during quarantine.

Year Zero (2020) 1# chapter
Year Zero (2020) 1# chapter Year Zero

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Year Zero (2020) 2# chapter Year Zero

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Year Zero (2020) 3# chapter Year Zero

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Year Zero (2020) 4# chapter Year Zero

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Year Zero (2020) 5# chapter Year Zero

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