The Cull (2023) comics
The Cull (2023) comic

The Cull (2023) comics pdf


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Image Comics


Kelly Thompson


horror, Adventure,


Mattia de Iulis,



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Explore the realms of horror and adventure in the comic series The Cull, a collaborative creation by Eisner-winning writer Kelly Thompson and acclaimed artist Mattia de Iulis. Published by Image Comics in 2023, this marks the duo's first venture into the realm of creator-owned works.

Step into a narrative where the eerie vibes of "Something is Killing the Children" seamlessly merge with the adventurous spirit reminiscent of The Goonies. The story unfolds as five friends embark on a summer escapade to shoot a short film on a forbidden rock near their hometown, just before they part ways for different journeys in life. However, the surface reason for their expedition isn't the real motive; one of them harbors a lie, a deceit that holds the power to alter the course of their lives forever.

Kelly Thompson, celebrated for her work on Black Cloak, weaves a tale that intricately blends horror elements with the camaraderie of youth, promising readers an immersive experience. Accompanying Thompson's compelling narrative is the visual artistry of Mattia de Iulis, renowned for his work on Captain America, bringing the story to life with vivid and captivating illustrations.

Published under the Image Comics banner, The Cull invites readers to delve into a storyline where secrets, lies, and the unknown collide, promising a thrilling ride through the imagination of two accomplished creators.

The Cull (2023) 1# chapter
The Cull (2023) 1# chapter The Cull

The Cull (2023) 1#

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The Cull (2023) 2# chapter
The Cull (2023) 2# chapter The Cull

The Cull (2023) 2#

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The Cull (2023) 3# chapter
The Cull (2023) 3# chapter The Cull

The Cull (2023) 3#

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The Cull (2023) 4# chapter
The Cull (2023) 4# chapter The Cull

The Cull (2023) 4#

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