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Terrorwar (2023) comic

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Image Comics


Saladin Ahmed


Dave Acosta,



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Acclaimed writer SALADIN AHMED (known for Miles Morales) and renowned horror artist DAVE ACOSTA (famous for Elvira) mark their debut with Image Comics through this captivating sci-fi horror series centered around everyday individuals battling mind-bending monsters.

In the past, Blue City stood as the last habitable refuge on Earth. However, it has now succumbed to the invasion of Terrors—creatures capable of morphing into the deepest fears of their victims. In this dire situation, the final ray of hope rests with Muhammad Cho and his hardworking yet underappreciated team of independent Terrorfighters.

"We're not conventional heroes—we're pragmatic contractors."

Published in 2023 by Image Comics, this comic titled "Terrorwar" introduces readers to a world where resilience, resourcefulness, and the struggle for survival define the fate of humanity against unimaginable odds.

Terrorwar (2023) 1# chapter
Terrorwar (2023) 1# chapter Terrorwar

Terrorwar (2023) 1#

Visitor: 107

Terrorwar (2023) 2# chapter
Terrorwar (2023) 2# chapter Terrorwar

Terrorwar (2023) 2#

Visitor: 93

Terrorwar (2023) 3# chapter
Terrorwar (2023) 3# chapter Terrorwar

Terrorwar (2023) 3#

Visitor: 116

Terrorwar (2023) 4# chapter
Terrorwar (2023) 4# chapter Terrorwar

Terrorwar (2023) 4#

Visitor: 102

Terrorwar (2023) 5# chapter
Terrorwar (2023) 5# chapter Terrorwar

Terrorwar (2023) 5#

Visitor: 114

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