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Teether (2018) comic

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Antarctic Press


David Hutchison


horror, Mystery,


David Hutchison,



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Dillon Brown, a student in Carol Hill, Indiana, thinks he's found a friend in Lilly Quist, a new transfer student. However, their seemingly innocent connection takes a dark turn when gruesome remains of local children begin to surface. Dillon can't help but suspect Lilly's involvement.

As the horrifying truth unravels, it becomes clear that an ancient, insatiable hunger has descended upon Carol Hill, embodied in the form of a seemingly innocent 10-year-old girl, Lilly. Now, it's up to Dillon and his fellow students to halt Lilly's bloodthirsty, gore-filled rampage before it's too late. But the chilling secrets concealed within Lilly's fury may prove to be even more terrifying than the menace she poses!

Teether (2018) 1# chapter
Teether (2018) 1# chapter Teether

Teether (2018) 1#

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Teether (2018) 2# chapter
Teether (2018) 2# chapter Teether

Teether (2018) 2#

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Teether (2018) 3# chapter
Teether (2018) 3# chapter Teether

Teether (2018) 3#

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Teether (2018) 4# chapter
Teether (2018) 4# chapter Teether

Teether (2018) 4#

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