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Spider-Verse (2019) comic

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Embark on a Multiversal Journey with Spider-Verse – A Marvel Comic Extravaganza!

Get ready for an exhilarating ride as Marvel Comics presents Spider-Verse, a 2019 comic that thrusts Miles Morales into a web of multiversal adventure. Penned by the talented writer Jed Mackay and brought to life with captivating artwork by Arthur Adams, Juan Frigeri, Stuart Immonen, and Stacey Lee, this series promises a captivating exploration of the Spider-Man mythos.

Miles Morales, feeling a newfound understanding of his Spider-Man role, experiences an unexpected twist as he plummets through a mysterious portal. In the wake of the presumed destruction of the Web of Life & Destiny, questions arise: is it truly annihilated? The narrative tantalizingly hints at the possibility that the web might endure, sparking curiosity among True Believers. The central mystery revolves around the enigma of who spun this new web and what cosmic forces are at play.

Regardless of the answers, Miles finds himself at the epicenter of a multiversal odyssey that promises to showcase a diverse array of creators and characters. The series boldly propels forward with each issue, delivering an enthralling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

An enticing element of Spider-Verse comics is its main cover designed by none other than Wendell Dalit, the character designer behind the acclaimed "Into the Spider-Verse" film. This connection adds a layer of visual continuity to Miles Morales' adventures across different mediums.

A unique feature of each issue is the inclusion of #SPIDERSONAS, showcasing the creativity of Spidey fans and comic creators. This adds an interactive and personalized touch to the series.

Spider-Verse (2019) 1# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 1# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 1#

Visitor: 395

Spider-Verse (2019) 2# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 2# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 2#

Visitor: 209

Spider-Verse (2019) 3# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 3# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 3#

Visitor: 134

Spider-Verse (2019) 4# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 4# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 4#

Visitor: 128

Spider-Verse (2019) 5# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 5# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 5#

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Spider-Verse (2019) 6# chapter
Spider-Verse (2019) 6# chapter Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse (2019) 6#

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