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Enter the gritty narrative of No/One, a compelling comic series set against the haunting backdrop of the Richard Roe murders that sent shockwaves through Pittsburgh ten months ago. Published by Image Comics, this 2023 release delves into a world where the quest for justice takes unpredictable and dangerous turns.

A gruesome series of murders, known as the Richard Roe murders, shook the foundations of Pittsburgh, leaving the city in shock. As the months unfolded, the aftermath of these killings sparked not only fear but also a perilous political movement. The impact rippled through society, giving rise to copycat killers and an enigmatic masked vigilante.

No/One introduces readers to a masked figure, not bound by symbols or heroism, but driven by an unwavering determination to hold the powerful accountable. This vigilante embodies the spirit of anonymity, a force that could be anyone. In a city tainted by corruption and fear, they emerge as No/One — an entity shrouded in mystery, navigating the blurred lines between justice and vigilantism.

No/One isn't just a comic; it's a gripping exploration of the consequences of crime, the emergence of vigilantism, and the shadowy forces that shape a city's destiny. In a landscape where every choice has repercussions, No/One invites readers to immerse themselves in a world where the search for truth collides with the pursuit of power.

As the vigilante No/One takes center stage, Image Comics, Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins, and Geraldo Borges deliver a narrative that transcends the ordinary.

No/One (2023) 1# chapter
No/One (2023) 1# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 1#

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No/One (2023) 2# chapter
No/One (2023) 2# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 2#

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No/One (2023) 3# chapter
No/One (2023) 3# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 3#

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No/One (2023) 4# chapter
No/One (2023) 4# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 4#

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No/One (2023) 5# chapter
No/One (2023) 5# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 5#

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No/One (2023) 6# chapter
No/One (2023) 6# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 6#

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No/One (2023) 7# chapter
No/One (2023) 7# chapter No-One

No/One (2023) 7#

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