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Godzilla: Aftershock (2019) comic

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In the Legendary Comics publication, Godzilla: Aftershock from 2019, the King of the Monsters faces a new threat that emerges from the depths of the Earth. This ancient terror triggers devastating earthquakes and is driven by an unstoppable primal instinct, posing a challenge to Godzilla unlike any he has encountered before.

The Legendary's 'Monsterverse' has made commendable efforts to maintain strong continuity across its three films, and the comics and graphic novels have played a significant role in expanding the lore of this universe. In "Godzilla: Awakening," the narrative delves into the early history of Monarch and its connection to Serizawa. "Skull Island: Birth of Kong" explores Kong's past and his encounters with the vicious 'Skullcrawlers.' Meanwhile, "Godzilla: Aftershock" addresses the aftermath of Godzilla's initial major battle. It also provides insights into the concept and life cycle of the MUTOs, Emma Russell's early work with Monarch, the development of the 'Sonar Frequency' device, and intriguingly, an explanation for the variation in Godzilla's dorsal plates in 'King of the Monsters.'

In this storyline, Godzilla confronts an adversary resembling an amplified MUTO, demonstrating a notable level of intelligence and cunning in its battles against the mighty Godzilla. The artwork, although brief, is of decent quality, and the hardcover presentation is visually appealing. However, it's worth noting that the story's brevity might make it better described as a hardcover comic book rather than a full graphic novel. This narrative effectively bridges the events of "Godzilla" (2014) and "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" (2019).

Godzilla: Aftershock (2019) 1# chapter
Godzilla: Aftershock (2019) 1# chapter Godzilla: Aftershock

Godzilla: Aftershock (2019) 1#

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