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Experience the return of the sensational animated TV series in an all-new comic series, Gargoyles, brought to you by Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Greg Weisman, the series creator, and illustrated by George Kambadais, this ongoing adventure immerses you in the captivating world of Gargoyles.

Set in continuity with the epic Gargoyles television classic, the story takes us back a thousand years when superstition and swords reigned supreme. It was an era shrouded in darkness and fear, known as the Age of Gargoyles. These stone beings were fierce warriors, sworn to protect humanity. However, they were ultimately betrayed and trapped in stone by a powerful magic spell for a millennium. Now, in modern-day Manhattan, that spell is shattered, and the Gargoyles have returned to life as Defenders of the Night!

Greg Weisman and George Kambadais reintroduce the Manhattan Clan, a united family of Gargoyles, as they navigate the vibrant and distracting landscape of present-day New York City. Each member of the clan begins to forge their own path, testing the bonds that hold them together. However, their unity will face a severe test when sinister factions from around the world conspire to steal the rarest and most precious of treasures—an unhatched Gargoyle egg.

Prepare for a gripping tale of loyalty, adventure, and the unyielding spirit of the Gargoyles. As the Manhattan Clan faces new challenges and threats, they must rise above their differences and stand united to protect their newfound freedom. With Greg Weisman's masterful storytelling and George Kambadais' stunning illustrations, Gargoyles: Defenders of the Night will reignite the magic and excitement of this beloved animated series in an all-new and thrilling comic experience!

Gargoyles (2022) 1# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 1# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 1#

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Gargoyles (2022) 2# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 2# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 2#

Visitor: 85

Gargoyles (2022) 3# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 3# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 3#

Visitor: 78

Gargoyles (2022) 4# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 4# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 4#

Visitor: 81

Gargoyles (2022) 5# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 5# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 5#

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Gargoyles (2022) 6# chapter
Gargoyles (2022) 6# chapter Gargoyles

Gargoyles (2022) 6#

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