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This comic book published by IDW Publishing in 2022, Stephen Graham Jones, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of "The Only Good Indians" and "My Heart Is a Chainsaw," marks his debut in the world of ongoing comics. Set in the year 2112, the story unfolds in the aftermath of the long-anticipated apocalypse: rivers recede, oceans rise, and civilization crumbles. Amidst the despair, a group of outcast Indigenous survivors discover a time travel portal hidden within a desert cave.

Driven by hope and determination, they pinpoint the moment when the world's fate took a tragic turn—the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America in 1492. Firm in their belief that rewriting the past is the key to saving the future, they send one of their own on a dangerous, one-way mission back to that pivotal moment in history to assassinate Columbus before he reaches the so-called New World. However, eliminating such an iconic figure is no easy feat, and the consequences of their actions may prove dire for their friends in the present.

In this gripping historical and sci-fi slasher, Stephen Graham Jones collaborates with artist Davide Gianfelice to craft an unforgettable narrative in Earthdivers. As readers embark on this thrilling journey, they will be immersed in a tale that seamlessly blends history, science fiction, and horror, making Earthdivers a compelling addition to the comic book world.

Earthdivers (2022) 1# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 1# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 1#

Visitor: 104

Earthdivers (2022) 2# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 2# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 2#

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Earthdivers (2022) 3# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 3# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 3#

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Earthdivers (2022) 4# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 4# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 4#

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Earthdivers (2022) 5# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 5# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 5#

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Earthdivers (2022) 6# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 6# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 6#

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Earthdivers (2022) 7# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 7# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 7#

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Earthdivers (2022) 8# chapter
Earthdivers (2022) 8# chapter Earthdivers

Earthdivers (2022) 8#

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