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In the latest installment of Cyborg, our hero Victor Stone is called back to his hometown of Detroit due to a family emergency. To his surprise, he finds solace in the return to a simpler life, where people see him for who he truly is, rather than as the larger-than-life superhero Cyborg. It's been quite some time since Vic has had the opportunity to lower his guard and seek a purpose beyond being Cyborg around the clock.

However, upon his return, Victor discovers that Detroit has undergone significant changes during his absence. A new and aggressive tech company is rapidly transforming the Motor City into a hub for groundbreaking artificial intelligence. As Cyborg well knows, such technological progress often comes at a high human cost.

Milestone Initiative writer Morgan Hampton, known for "DC Power: A Celebration," collaborates with the accomplished artist Tom Raney, famous for his work on "Green Lantern" and "Uncanny X-Men," to deliver the epic Cyborg storyline that fans have been waiting for. This comic, published by DC Comics in 2023, promises to give Cyborg the homecoming he deserves.

Cyborg (2023) 1# chapter
Cyborg (2023) 1# chapter Cyborg

Cyborg (2023) 1#

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Cyborg (2023) 2# chapter
Cyborg (2023) 2# chapter Cyborg

Cyborg (2023) 2#

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Cyborg (2023) 3# chapter
Cyborg (2023) 3# chapter Cyborg

Cyborg (2023) 3#

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Cyborg (2023) 4# chapter
Cyborg (2023) 4# chapter Cyborg

Cyborg (2023) 4#

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