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The boundless multiverse of Magic: The Gathering returns to comics!

"Chandra" is a comic book series based on the character of Chandra Nalaar from the popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering." The series was written by Vita Ayala and released in 2018, with artwork by Harvey Tolibao.

The story follows Chandra, a powerful pyromancer with the ability to control fire, as she embarks on a journey to track down a group of fire-wielding criminals who are wreaking havoc across the multiverse. Along the way, Chandra teams up with several other planeswalkers, including Ajani Goldmane, a lion-like warrior with powerful magic, and Nissa Revane, an elf druid with the ability to control the land itself.

As Chandra and her allies travel from world to world, they encounter a variety of dangerous foes and obstacles, including powerful dragons, mind-controlling parasites, and treacherous political factions. The team must use their unique abilities and work together to overcome these challenges and stop the criminals before they can cause any more damage. On her journey, she’ll have to fight against threats both old and new, as well as her own sense of guilt. Can she overcome all of that alone? And who is that familiar face lurking in the shadows?

The artwork in the series is vibrant and dynamic, capturing the energy and power of Chandra's fire magic and the various fantastical creatures and settings she encounters. The characters are well-developed, with distinct personalities and motivations that drive the story forward.

Chandra (2018) 1# chapter
Chandra (2018) 1# chapter Chandra

Chandra (2018) 1#

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Chandra (2018) 2# chapter
Chandra (2018) 2# chapter Chandra

Chandra (2018) 2#

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Chandra (2018) 3# chapter
Chandra (2018) 3# chapter Chandra

Chandra (2018) 3#

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Chandra (2018) 4# chapter
Chandra (2018) 4# chapter Chandra

Chandra (2018) 4#

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