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Ram V


Francesco Manna,



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The bloodcurdling Carnage series you've been waiting for! Ram V. has carved a perfect home for himself in the symbiote corner of the Marvel U, and in this all-new ongoing series starring Venom’s most notorious offspring, that corner is about to get a little bit bigger…and bloodier! After the revelations of Carnage forever, and in a year that’s set to be a celebration of all things Carnage, this is one symbiote story you cannot afford to miss!

Years ago, Peter Parker spurned a puddle of black, extraterrestrial goo and inadvertently created one of the deadliest foes he’s ever encountered: Venom. Years later, Venom’s offspring found a willing host in the form of Cletus Kasady, a dangerous serial killer, and together the two formed an even deadlier being called Carnage.

the only host the dangerous Carnage symbiote knew was cletus kasady. Sharing a bond unique even among symbiotes and their hosts, the two were the most notorious and prolific serial killers in the Marvel Universe. But after the events of extreme Carnage, Cletus’ codex has found a new home, leaving the Carnage symbiote adrift, alone… and deadlier than ever before!

But what will become of the Carnage symbiote now, rejected by the only loving host it’s ever known? And, like Venom before it, what new and terrifying creature will emerge on the other side?

Carnage (2022) 1# chapter
Carnage (2022) 1# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 1#

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Carnage (2022) 2# chapter
Carnage (2022) 2# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 2#

Visitor: 144

Carnage (2022) 3# chapter
Carnage (2022) 3# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 3#

Visitor: 146

Carnage (2022) 4# chapter
Carnage (2022) 4# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 4#

Visitor: 137

Carnage (2022) 5# chapter
Carnage (2022) 5# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 5#

Visitor: 147

Carnage (2022) 6# chapter
Carnage (2022) 6# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 6#

Visitor: 177

Carnage (2022) 7# chapter
Carnage (2022) 7# chapter Carnage

Carnage (2022) 7#

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