Brynmore (2023) comics
Brynmore (2023) comic

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IDW Publishing


Steve Niles


horror, Fantasy, Mystery,


Damien Worm,



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Prepare to be drawn into the chilling world crafted by the visionary minds behind The October Faction, Steve Niles and Damien Worm. Embark on a new journey into the realms of horror with their latest creation, Brynmore. As the curtains rise on this narrative, a tale of profound terror and intrigue unfolds before you.

Meet Mark Turner, the protagonist whose life is marked by recent divorce and newfound sobriety. Seeking a fresh start, he returns to his hometown, harboring hopes of redemption. Armed with determination, he sets his sights on a unique project – the transformation of an old church into a new haven. However, his aspirations are entwined with the locals' reception, their complex history, and a web of secrets lurking beneath the surface.

Venture into the enigmatic world of Turner Island, a place steeped in mystery and legacy dating back to Mark's own ancestors. Echoes of the past reverberate through the very fabric of the island, hinting at untold tales and concealed truths. But amidst the shroud of secrets, one name echoes with eerie resonance – Brynmore.

Join the journey as IDW Publishing unveils Brynmore, an unsettling narrative brought to life by the masterful storytelling of Steve Niles. Let the haunting and evocative illustrations of Damien Worm guide you through the narrative's twists and turns. As Mark Turner delves deeper into the enigma of Brynmore, prepare to be captivated by a tale that transcends time and pierces the veil between the known and the unknown.

Brynmore (2023) 1# chapter
Brynmore (2023) 1# chapter Brynmore

Brynmore (2023) 1#

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Brynmore (2023) 2# chapter
Brynmore (2023) 2# chapter Brynmore

Brynmore (2023) 2#

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