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Immerse yourself in a relentless sci-fi action blockbuster, as Antarctica, a captivating comic series by writer Simon Daniel Birks and artist Wili Roberts, unfolds a narrative reminiscent of Stargate meeting His Dark Materials. Published by Image Comics in 2023, this promises to be a non-stop adventure that blends the allure of otherworldly dimensions with high-stakes action.

Picture a world where the enigmatic essence of Stargate converges with the mesmerizing tapestry of His Dark Materials. This is the universe meticulously crafted in the pages of Antarctica, a gripping comic series that takes readers on an exhilarating journey.

The story centers around Hannah, whose life crumbled when her father mysteriously vanished from the secretive Smith-Petersen Research Station in Antarctica. Faced with despair and homelessness, a friend extends a lifeline, helping Hannah reinvent herself as an engineer. With her newfound skills, she secures a position at the same Antarctic station in a quest to unravel the mystery behind her father's disappearance.

As Hannah delves into the frigid depths of Antarctica, she unwittingly thrusts herself into a web of intrigue and conspiracy, challenging the very foundations of her beliefs. This compelling narrative, brought to life by the creative prowess of Simon Daniel Birks, acclaimed for his storytelling finesse, is visually enriched by the talents of artist Wili Roberts.

Antarctica (2023) 1# chapter
Antarctica (2023) 1# chapter Antarctica

Antarctica (2023) 1#

Visitor: 96

Antarctica (2023) 2# chapter
Antarctica (2023) 2# chapter Antarctica

Antarctica (2023) 2#

Visitor: 72

Antarctica (2023) 3# chapter
Antarctica (2023) 3# chapter Antarctica

Antarctica (2023) 3#

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Antarctica (2023) 4# chapter
Antarctica (2023) 4# chapter Antarctica

Antarctica (2023) 4#

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Antarctica (2023) 5# chapter
Antarctica (2023) 5# chapter Antarctica

Antarctica (2023) 5#

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