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The aftermath of the Dark Crisis has reshaped the landscape, and the iconic Justice League has disbanded. Now, a formidable new team steps into the spotlight to safeguard Earth—Titans, go! In this groundbreaking 2023 series from DC Comics, the Teen Titans, once sidekicks, now stand ready to ascend and shoulder the responsibilities of their predecessors.

As the Teen Titans embrace the call to maturity, each member, once a youthful hero with dreams of Justice League membership, realizes their destiny lies not in joining the League but in succeeding it. Under the penmanship of the acclaimed writer Tom Taylor (known for Nightwing and DCeased) and the artistic brilliance of Nicola Scott (renowned for Wonder Woman Historia and Earth 2), "Titans" takes readers on a journey where growth, challenges, and heroism intersect.

Are They Ready? The transition from teenage heroes to seasoned champions comes with perils. Danger looms from every corner, with both familiar and new adversaries seeking to test the mettle of this emerging team. Can the Titans prove themselves on the grand stage? Will they reshape the destiny of the DC Universe?

The inaugural issue of "Titans" promises a pivotal moment in DC Comics history. Tom Taylor's narrative expertise and Nicola Scott's artistic finesse converge to deliver a tale that explores the intricate balance between legacy and forging a new path.

Titans (2023) 1# chapter
Titans (2023) 1# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 1#

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Titans (2023) 2# chapter
Titans (2023) 2# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 2#

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Titans (2023) 3# chapter
Titans (2023) 3# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 3#

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Titans (2023) 4# chapter
Titans (2023) 4# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 4#

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Titans (2023) 5# chapter
Titans (2023) 5# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 5#

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Titans (2023) 6# chapter
Titans (2023) 6# chapter Titans

Titans (2023) 6#

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