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Thunderbolts is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that follows a team of antiheroes assembled by the United States government to carry out covert missions.

The series begins with the formation of the new Thunderbolts team, which includes characters such as Winter Soldier, Moonstone, and the Fixer. Led by the mysterious Kobik, a sentient cosmic cube, the team is tasked with carrying out secret missions for the government.

Throughout the series, the Thunderbolts find themselves embroiled in a variety of dangerous situations, from battling Hydra to stopping a group of rogue superhumans from unleashing a deadly virus on the world. Along the way, they also confront their own personal demons and struggles, including addiction, betrayal, and the consequences of their past actions.

One of the most notable story arcs in the series is "No Surrender", in which the team up with the Avengers and other heroes to save the Earth from an alien invasion. This leads to some epic battles and tense moments as the Thunderbolts must prove their worth to their fellow heroes.

The artwork in the series is top-notch, with detailed character designs and explosive action scenes that showcase the team's unique powers and abilities. The writing is also strong, with a focus on the complex relationships and dynamics between the team members.

Another highlight of the series is the exploration of the team's history and how they came to be recruited by the government. This adds depth and complexity to the characters and sets up interesting plotlines for future issues.

Thunderbolts (2016) 1# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 1# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 1#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 2# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 2# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 2#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 3# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 3# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 3#

Visitor: 136

Thunderbolts (2016) 4# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 4# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 4#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 5# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 5# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 5#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 6# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 6# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 6#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 7# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 7# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 7#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 8# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 8# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 8#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 9# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 9# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 9#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 10# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 10# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 10#

Visitor: 139

Thunderbolts (2016) 11# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 11# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 11#

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Thunderbolts (2016) 12# chapter
Thunderbolts (2016) 12# chapter Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts (2016) 12#

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