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The Punisher is one of Marvel's most iconic characters, and in the Punisher 2022 comic series, he faces his true destiny. Written by Jason Aaron with art by Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta, this series explores the dark and violent past of Frank Castle, the Punisher.

Born of tragedy and devoted to war, the Punisher is unstoppable in his rage. He has become the most accomplished killer the world has ever seen. But in this series, Frank must confront a shocking secret from his past that will change everything he knows about himself.

As Frank takes the reins of the Marvel Universe's most notorious clan of assassins, the Hand, he becomes the warlord of these deadly ninjas. But will this new role also mean an end for the Punisher, or will it be a whole new bloody beginning?

The Punisher is an epic exploration of one of Marvel's most complex characters. Jason Aaron's writing is gritty and intense, capturing the violence and emotion that defines the Punisher. Meanwhile, Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta's art is equally stunning, depicting the action with dynamic and visceral energy.

The series delves deep into the Punisher's past, exploring the trauma and tragedy that shaped him into the killing machine he is today. It also offers a glimpse into his inevitable future, as he confronts the consequences of his actions and struggles to find a sense of purpose beyond his mission of revenge.

Punisher (2022) 1# chapter
Punisher (2022) 1# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 1#

Visitor: 135

Punisher (2022) 2# chapter
Punisher (2022) 2# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 2#

Visitor: 98

Punisher (2022) 3# chapter
Punisher (2022) 3# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 3#

Visitor: 113

Punisher (2022) 4# chapter
Punisher (2022) 4# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 4#

Visitor: 110

Punisher (2022) 5# chapter
Punisher (2022) 5# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 5#

Visitor: 80

Punisher (2022) 6# chapter
Punisher (2022) 6# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 6#

Visitor: 111

Punisher (2022) 7# chapter
Punisher (2022) 7# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 7#

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Punisher (2022) 8# chapter
Punisher (2022) 8# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 8#

Visitor: 80

Punisher (2022) 9# chapter
Punisher (2022) 9# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 9#

Visitor: 77

Punisher (2022) 10# chapter
Punisher (2022) 10# chapter Punisher

Punisher (2022) 10#

Visitor: 92

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