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Darkhawk (2021) comic

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Dive into the past, present, and a promising future for Darkhawk! As Chris Powell bids farewell to his superhero persona, get ready to meet the all-new Darkhawk! Connor Young, a 17-year-old basketball prodigy with a world of opportunities in front of him, has his life unexpectedly transformed by a startling medical diagnosis. When a mysterious amulet crosses his path and grants him unimaginable powers, the questions arise: What will Connor do with these newfound abilities? Why was he the chosen one? And how will this affect his journey moving forward?

Connor is compelled to find answers to these pressing questions because his path is about to intersect with the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, and more. Moreover, a shocking tragedy looms on the horizon, poised to alter everything. Be part of this exciting new beginning as KYLE HIGGINS (known for "RISE OF ULTRAMAN" and "Radiant Black") and JUANAN RAMÍREZ (famed for "WEB OF VENOM") usher in a new era for Darkhawk in this 2021 series by Marvel Comics.

Darkhawk (2021) 1# chapter
Darkhawk (2021) 1# chapter Darkhawk

Darkhawk (2021) 1#

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Darkhawk (2021) 2# chapter
Darkhawk (2021) 2# chapter Darkhawk

Darkhawk (2021) 2#

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Darkhawk (2021) 3# chapter
Darkhawk (2021) 3# chapter Darkhawk

Darkhawk (2021) 3#

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Darkhawk (2021) 4# chapter
Darkhawk (2021) 4# chapter Darkhawk

Darkhawk (2021) 4#

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Darkhawk (2021) 5# chapter
Darkhawk (2021) 5# chapter Darkhawk

Darkhawk (2021) 5#

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